May 25th, 2014



I don't have a will. In my twenties, this wasn't an issue, as I had little of value to my name. (As a result of taking a year off and doing three degrees, I didn't start earning until I was twenty-seven, and working for the BBC I wasn't exactly raking it in at first.) Some years later [personal profile] bluepork told me there's little point writing a will until such time as I have children, so I put off writing one further.

The other day, I got cold-called by a will-writing company who told me that without a will, there's no guarantee my assets would return to my family, and it's possible a neighbour could try and claim on them. Does anyone reading this know whether this is just scare tactics trying to get me to pay for their services, or whether there is anything to this? Also, is it worth writing a will when you don't (yet) have children, but do at least have a flat to your name?

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