July 13th, 2014

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Sam Pogrund, KIA WW1

This is Sam Pogrund, my great-grandmother's second cousin, from Leeds.


He's not the closest relative of mine to have fought, or died fighting in the Great War—that'd be my great-grandfather's brother Yossi Krantz—but he's the first named one that I've managed to get a picture of in uniform.

Googling the name brought up http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=14696369, which says he died on the last day of 1917 (previously I just knew the year), that he was a private, was in the Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), and is buried at Chatby Memorial in Alexandria in Egypt. I wonder if, having died then and there, he was involved in the liberation of Jerusalem.

His brother Simon also died (fighting?) in the war.

[ETA: The Jewish Chronicle reported about him (19th July 1915):]
Pte S. Pogrund, 11,065, Maxim Gun Section, 2nd Batt. King's Own Yorkshire L.I., 13th Infantry Brigade, 5th Division, in the course of a letter to his sister, Mrs Shooman, writes: ". . . I hope you will excuse me for not writing more often, and also hope that you will explain to everyone that it is impossible for me to write often. I enclose a photo that was taken twenty-five yards from the Germans. The man at the gun is ready to fire, and should he go under I am just in a position to take his place. Many of the fellows on the photo are dead now, including the Captain who took the photo. He went under in the last charge of the Yorkshire Light Infantry' in which we took a prominent part. Although we were so close to the Germans you can see by our faces that we were not downhearted. I hadn't had a wash for twenty-one days. Don't I look a comical beggar ! All my chums have either been killed, wounded or taken prisoner . . I should so like a tin of salmon or pineapple and plenty of cigarettes. I am in the best of health and spirits."

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