September 16th, 2014

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Dunstanburgh Castle

This is [personal profile] liv and Fabien WINoDW, shown ten years ago in front of Dunstanburgh Castle, on the Northumbrian coast:

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Dunstanburgh Castle may be reached by a twenty-minute walk from the kipper capital of Craster; two or three years ago I tried to go there with aviva_m as part of a day of showing her the Northumbrian coast, but we ran out of time and didn't get further than the gate from Craster into the fields leading to the castle.

When I went ten years ago with [personal profile] liv and Fabien, we managed to get further, and got as far as the gate halfway from Craster to the castle before we too ran out of time and had to retreat.

A few weeks ago, I went with my father, at the end of a day out in the Ingram Valley, and got as far as the front gate of the castle compound, where we saw there was a sufficiently substantial charge for admission that we weren't going to get our money's worth in the half hour we had left (having underestimates) before I had to return to Newcastle to catch my train back to London.

I'm determined to get into that bloody place now; I'm not going to let a ruined castle with a mile-long front lawn defeat me! My next attempt will be on Monday (on which it will probably end up pouring down, and I will get vetoed by the family members I was going to be doing with...).

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