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lethargic_man's Journal

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Lethargic Man (anag.)
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Adapted from my webpage:

I come originally from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where I studied at the Royal Grammar School. I went on to do a degree at Peterhouse, Cambridge, in biochemistry, but have since switched to doing Information Technology, where you don't run the risk of killing yourself with radioactivity, cyanide, neurotoxins and other such fun materials.

Being a glutton for punishment, I then went on to do a masters and Ph.D. too; I now live in the big bad megalopolis, and work for Auntie making interactive TV.

I'd describe myself as an omnivore (geek of all trades, and master of, well, at least the one I get paid for). rysmiel calls me a linguistics geek, though I have no formal training in the subject. I've also got rather into Jewish learning; here are such notes as I have taken at talks I have been to, and posted on my blog.

If you'd like to find me, I can be found at the moment here.

<rant> It's been demonstrated that driving whilst speaking on a mobile 'phone is more dangerous than drink-driving. You wouldn't drink drive, so don't pick up the 'phone when it rings in your car. And if you're a cyclist or a pedestrian—the categories in most danger if hit by a car—and you see a driver talking on a handheld, you should consider it your moral duty to yell "Get off the 'phone!", preferably loud enough so the party on the other end can hear.

Terms and conditions apply. Your home may be at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loan. Always read the label. Consider visiting an optician if your eyes hurt after reading this small print.

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* People who've added me to their f-list but whom I'm not going to reciprocate because I don't have time to read everything, and don't like giving the impression I do, but want to acknowledge anyway. I'll want to feel a connection to someone (i.e. know them better than briefly meeting at a party) before I'll add them to this. (Update: Okay, I've f-listed some of you anyway, tentatively, but don't guarantee keeping you f-listed, so don't take offence if you get removed from my f-list.)

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